Dancing Ewe Aperitivo

Dancing Ewe Farms, 181 County Route 12, Granville, New York

Aperitivo at Dancing Ewe Farm

What exactly is an Aperitivo? It’s usually an alcoholic drink, but not always, before you go out for lunch or dinner. In Italy, there are a million reasons to make time for an “Aperitivo” with your friends, before dinner, after dinner, mid-day, late morning, or simply just to relax for a few minutes before returning to work. They can be simple, elaborate, cheap or expensive. Almost never in place of a meal but as as pre-cursor! It is deeply rooted into Italian life as part of the culinary landscape.
All that being said…Luisa and I are planning a series of “Aperitivi” at Dancing Ewe Farm which are not as formal as our four- course meals of this summer. We would like to offer our guests a similar opportunity to enjoy our handcrafted bounty on our farm in a fun, casual, atmosphere in the loft of our barn, as a pre-cursor to a lighter dinner. We will offer a “una tavolata di bonta’ ” which will be brimming with stuzzichini. Interesting appetizers and tastings will be available along with the list of our wines from the Maremma. To enrich the evening, we have invited a few local musicians to play throughout the evening. Among the list are: the C.C. Vagabonds, Swig House Rockers and Hot Club of Saratoga. You can visit the indicated link to have a quick listen and to check them out…
So, the ticket will include: 1 glass of wine, open appetizer table (6-8pm), and the entertainment. Additional glasses of wine will be available, as well as a featured pasta dish and/or plates of antipasti, for an additional fee between the hours of 8-10pm.
Ticket price: $30 Monies will be reimbursed if we don’t reach a critical number of reservations and refunds will also be available up to 5 days in advance. Hope to see you for a real fun night at Dancing Ewe… Dates: November 2nd

$30.00 Age limit: 21+